Royal Prince Nursery

Royal Prince Nursery, Prince George Nursery IdeasGENDER SURPRISE NURSERY® Gender Reveal Nursery Idea!

This royal prince nursery was a regal, fairytale inspired baby room. This trademarked Gender Surprise Nursery® and was one of our most memorable baby nursery designs to date. The client was having her second baby and didn’t want to know the baby’s gender, yet wanted to have an over-the-top, elegant royal nursery completed to her liking before she had the baby. So we designed two complete nurseries down to every detail…one for a boy and one for a girl. We designed a complete Royal Prince Nursery and a complete Royal Princess Nursery and the client approved each one down to every last detail. Then when the mom-to-be went for her ultrasound, the doctor sealed up a picture in an envelope and mailed it to our studio. I couldn’t wait for the secret to be revealed and was so tickled to be the only person besides the doctor to know the gender of the baby! I opened the envelop and saw an obvious BOY in the image and got right to work ordering up all of the appropriate boy nursery furniture, bedding, wall art, lighting and decor. We had to stage most of the nursery’s decor here in our studio and when the furniture was set to arrive, we drove to NJ, the family left the house, and we kicked into gear receiving the nursery furniture and installing the crib bedding, wall art, rug, and accessories down to the tiniest little detail. We completed the decorative mural around the room and when finished, locked the door behind us! We even taped paper over the windows and taped around the outside of the door so no “glow” might show through the door crack at night! The nursery would sit and wait for Mommy and baby to arrive home from the hospital. Such a fun project and so full of excitement and anticipation. When Mom and baby Luke arrived home from the hospital and she saw her royal nursery for the first time, she contacted me and said “the nursery is breath taking and made me cry!” I love a happy ending…don’t you?

BEST PRICE GUARANTEE!  If you wish to purchase any items found in this nursery, contact Sherri at the studio at . We can even provide a discount on many of the items found here. Want your own Gender Surprise Nursery? Check out the details by following the link. 

Images by Portrait Artistry by Linda Marie

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