Princess Nursery for Baby Girl

Royal Princess Nursery Ideas

Princess Nursery for Baby Girl

This very girly pink princess nursery was one of our trademarked Gender Surprise Nurseries. When you don’t want to find out the gender of your baby, but want a nursery planned specifically for the gender  anyway, you hire Jack and Jill Interiors to design a Gender Surprise Nursery. For one flat fee, I’ll plan an entire boy’s nursery and an entire girl’s nursery for your…right down to every little accessory! Then with your permission, I obtain the gender from your doctor and get to work ordering and installing the gender specific nursery behind locked doors. When you deliver your baby and bring him or her home from the hospital, your gender specific nursery awaits your first peek! It’s a great way to add to the fun and excitement of planning for your precious new bundle!
This particular nursery was initially planned for a home that was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. Every item was selected to fit perfectly into a room with a vaulted ceiling, an entire wall of windows and another wall with a built-in shelving unit on which we were going to place pretty lined baskets and other baby goodies. When the family was forced to relocate to a new home, we found ourselves with a few design challenges making things work for a completely different space. The overabundance of picture-frame moulding was especially challenging and several items planned for the wall space simply woulding work now, including a very wide branch with birds decal and another decal featuring a favorite inspirational quote from mom-to-be. But in the end, we’re all very pleased with this nursery and the clients are thrilled that baby Jules will have a beautiful nursery despite Hurricane Sandy!
The picture frames above the crib will eventually hold sepia toned newborn photos and family photos. I don’t like hanging blank frames on the wall, so I cut up some coordinating wall paper and fabric to make a monogram and silhouette to temporarily fill the voids.

Want a pink princess nursery of your own? We are here to help. Give us a call for your free phone consultation to see if we’re a fit and for your free estimate to begin your journey to creating your the princess nursery of your dreams!

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